TN Axe and Smash

TN Axe and Smash

123 SE Broad St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Tue, Wed, Thu12:00pm-10:00pm
Fri, Sat11:00am-12:00am
Sun11:00am- 7:00pm

Let’s just start off by saying we are not a big box retailer. We don’t have $100 million in corporate funding.  We are a family owned and family operated business. We are here to offer a venue to our community that provides wholesome family fun. We are here to support our employees as they learn, grow, are mentored, and as we attempt to instill the values of hard work and the rewards that come with success. 

Every single day, our goal is not only to better our customer experience, and our facility, but also to look for opportunities to assist and connect with our community.  

Maybe it is as simple as seeking out start ups to support such as our duct cleaning and hvac company operated by a group of Murfreesboro firefighters. Or it’s continuous support of a vendor that happens to be a police officer that does apparel and sign design on the side to help support his growing family. 

We look to give back to individuals like this that are invaluable members of our community on a daily basis. It’s a reward to support them whenever we can.

We try not to stop there- we sponsored the local Discovery Center garden party coming this spring; the nurses appreciation week at Saint Thomas Ascension Hospital; an MTSUs student concert raising funds for domestic violence; Rutherford county teachers night out; and middle and high school sports teams in both Rutherford and Williamson Counties. 

Our employees get just as much attention and dedication. We invest in them by offering counseling, financial learning, early management skills and training. We understand that the employment with us may not be forever for them. Which is fine. As long as we can instill a good work ethic, give them the proper tools for growth in the future, we have done our job. 

We care. We care about our families, providing quality employment and related experiences to our employees, and our facility, so that it may be an accurate representation of who we all are, our community, our friends, and our neighbors. 


TN Axe and Smash